Ryan Harris: A Case Study on How Flow Helped Build His Brand Platform

Ryan used his digital platform to create a transition plan into his post-NFL life. He now enjoys the new titles of Keynote Speaker, On-Air Radio Broadcaster, Author, and Super Bowl Champion.

Ryan Harris used his platform to transition from NFL Champion to keynote speaker.

“Flow has helped me express who I am, who I speak to, what I speak to, and which stories from my playing career can serve others.”

-Ryan Harris

Executive Summary

Since partnering with Flow, Ryan has been able to:

  • Transition from professional athlete to professional speaker.
  • Build connections with business leaders around the country.
  • Create long-form, social media, and email content to help pro athletes and business executives.
  • Secure a publishing deal for his forthcoming book.

RYAN IS A 10-year veteran of the NFL. Starting in 2007, Ryan was drafted by the Denver Broncos as an offensive tackle. He then continued his football career with the Houston Texan and Kansas City Chiefs. He later returned to Denver, where he started all 19 games at offensive Tackle for the Broncos during their victory in Super Bowl 50.After the Super Bowl, Ryan went to the Pittsburgh Steelers. When Ryan retired from the NFL after the 2016 season, he was ready to serve his community so others could have their Super Bowl moment.


Having spent 10 years in the NFL, Ryan holds valuable insights into leadership, mindset, and team dynamics. He knows how successful teams operate both on and off the field. He also knows that many competent leaders lack this critical understanding of team dynamics. Ryan's insights were too valuable to sit idle, and Ryan knew he needed to make some serious moves to help business leaders build their championship teams.Ryan needed to create visibility for his message, but he didn’t know where or how to start.

How Flow Helped

Ryan began working with Flow to focus his message on two fundamental questions: What problem was his expertise solving and for whom? Ryan began building and positioning his digital platforms with his Flow team. He was a retired pro athlete and he needed his audience to recognize this transformation. (Ryan admits that after retiring, “I didn’t even have a LinkedIn account! Apparently you don't need one to win a Super Bowl.”)Ryan used his freshly-focused platforms to publish articles that captured his expertise and positioned it in a way that has enticed schools, entrepreneurs, and business leaders across the country. Through this process, Ryan was also able to secure a publishing deal for his forthcoming book and create a popular newsletter to grow his audience.


Ryan used his digital platform to create a transition plan into his post-NFL life. He now enjoys the new titles of Keynote Speaker, On-Air Radio Broadcaster, Author, and Super Bowl Champion. Ryan focuses his talks on training business leaders to become high-performing individuals, helping create the team dynamics needed to drive peak performance.

Ryan Harris championed a 10-year career with the NFL that culminated in a victory with the Denver Broncos at Super Bowl 50. Prior to the Broncos, Ryan played for the Kansas City Chiefs, Houston Texans, and Pittsburgh Steelers. When he’s not on-air broadcasting for Notre Dame and Altitude Sports Radio, Ryan is using the critical insight of how successful teams function — gathered from years on the field — to help business leaders build championship teams.

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