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Brand Strategy

What will I say? Who will I talk to? Why will they listen?

Entrepreneurs, executives, and experts need a different approach to branding than what’s done for corporate brands.

Flow’s Brand Strategy will help you get clear on your message so your audience listens, while creating a custom brand that perfectly represents you online.

Anyone who works on your brand in the future will immediately “get it” – no more wasted time and money repeating yourself.


for 2 months, $10,000 Total


What’s included in the Brand Strategy Package?

After building 100+ brand strategies (including scores of corporate ones), we’ve developed a proven process to ensure your brand connects directly with your audience.


  • We’ll create a one-liner that anyone can use to describe who you are, what problem you solve, and the transformation you create.
  • The one-liner should be used everywhere and is something easy for people to remember and say.

Brand Promise

  • Clarity on your Mission, Vision, and Values.
  • Defining who your audience is and how you are in service to them.
  • Differentiating you from others so your audience can easily tell people about you through word of mouth.
  • Creating a Muse as a creative point of inspiration to align your ideas and inspiration with your brand’s purpose.
  • Mapping the Customer Journey so you know the touch points and emotions your audience experiences as they learn from you.

Brand Aesthetics

  • Clearly laying out how to correctly use your logos (logo design is available as an add-on).
  • Use a mood board process to look at designs that inspire you, and we’ll turn that into Colors and Typography.
  • Define any products or services you may be offering and how those will tie in to your personal brand.
  • Developing a visual brand strategy which includes photography of you, stock photography (if applicable), and visual elements.
  • Articulating your personality and archetype so that people get the same feeling online as they do sitting with you one-on-one.
  • Crafting a tone of voice that’s authentically you so that content is created that fits you and your style.

Brand Positioning

  • Category & Competitor Audit to understand who your competitors are, what they are saying, and how you can differentiate yourself in a way that’s better and clearer.
  • Personas of the audience you’re speaking to so we deeply understand who they are, what they want, and what’s standing in their way.

Brand Story

  • Who is the hero of your story?
  • What do they want?
  • Why can't they get it?
  • What issues do they face: externally, internally, and philosophically?
  • Who is the guide?
  • What steps do they need to take?
  • What does success look like?
  • What does failure look like?
  • What is the before and after transformation the hero goes through by purchasing your product?

Optional Add-Ons

Logo Design - $2,000

  • Initial brand consultation
  • Mood board development
  • 2 rounds of logo revisions

Managed Photoshoot - $2,000 + photographer’s cost

Photography Session

We arrange and manage the shoot with a top photographer in your area or one of your choosing – all you need to do is show up looking your best.

Photoshoot Brief

We craft a personalized photoshoot brief based on your brand guide to ensure high-quality photos. The best part: you’ll be able to use the photoshoot brief in future shoots to keep your visual brand powerful and cohesive.

Styling Guidance

We create a comprehensive collage of wardrobe, hair, makeup, and poses for your photoshoot that best communicate your personal brand. If you choose, we can also help source hair and makeup artists, create a shopping cart of clothing ideas, or schedule a FaceTime with you to choose 3-4 outfits from your existing closet.

Folder of Photos

Full commercial rights to all photos without watermarks and 1:1 suggestions on which photos to choose that communicate your personal brand and meet your professional goals.

How Flow Helped an Educator Land Keynote Speaking Engagements
How Flow Helped an Educator Land Keynote Speaking Engagements
How Flow Helped an Educator Land Keynote Speaking Engagements

Client Success Story

How Dr. Sheryl Ziegler’s Identity Landed Her a Bestselling Book, TV Appearances, and on a TEDx Stage

Who You Might Work With


Brand Strategist

Caroline is your guide to developing your brand strategy and walks you through every step of the process.


Lead Designer

Jordan turns your brand strategy into beautifully designed brand guidelines that align anyone who works with you and your brand.

Who Should Use Flow’s Brand Strategy?


  • People who are willing to share their authentic experiences
  • People who care about ensuring their message reaches as many people as possible
  • People who are looking for a comprehensive strategy to reach their audience
  • People who want to collaborate with a team of professionals to ensure everything goes smoothly, and they are willing to pay for expertise
  • People who are willing to do their part to ensure their brand is a success


  • People looking to create a brand on something they are not
  • People who are simply looking for the credibility of having an online presence, not with the goal of actually sharing their message
  • People who are looking for one-off tactics
  • People who aren’t willing to spend the time on interviews and other aspects of their brand strategy that requires their time
  • People who would rather do it themselves

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kinds of results can I expect from my Brand Strategy?
Coming up with a standard answer for results is tricky, because results means different things to different people.

For example, in 2017 we built a brand strategy for an NFL player who was retiring from the league. He needed to be known for more than his abilities on the field so we helped him build his brand strategy, website, content, and marketed his book. He landed speaking engagements, a new career as an on-air broadcaster, and became a bestselling author and attributes his life after the NFL to Flow’s processes.

On the other hand, for some people, increasing the size and number of deals are more important. Typically, we see people using their Brand Strategy as the foundation for their marketing. They then add a website and content and use social media content to engage their personal networks to stay top of mind, while expanding their reach to new people.
2. How long does the Brand Strategy process take?
We typically plan the project to be completed in 2-4 weeks. We’ll review the project plan with you during the Kickstart call and depending on your availability and ability to turn around feedback, we’ll adjust the timeline accordingly.
3. How much time should I expect to spend on this?
You should plan on attending 3 meetings that last an hour each and be available to provide edits and feedback on drafts and deliverables. Our goal in the Brand Strategy process is to get to know you deeply so that in the future, anyone who works on your brand doesn’t require your time.