How can we help you?

Flow helps entrepreneurs and business professionals write, publish, and market their brands.

We have a complete suite of services; brand platform, website, content studio, and book marketing. We answer all of the common questions we get in these FAQs.


About Flow

1. What exactly does Flow do?
Flow helps people become personal brands. We were founded in 2016 by an entrepreneur who built his own personal brand to bring awareness to his businesses and creative projects, and have gone on to help over 100 personal brands which you can see here.
2. Does Flow work with anyone?
No, we don't just work with anyone. We typically reject about 33% of people who want to work with us. There are two criteria we use to decide which people we'll work with:

1. Does the person have a deep enough expertise and experience to write about it or to guide a ghostwriter? Our process delivers results, but only if the person actually knows what they’re talking about.

2. Does the person have a clear understanding of how content works, and a reasonable expectation for ROI? There must be a clear purpose behind creating content. This is our first step in our qualification process. If the return you're hoping for or expecting isn't realistic, we can't work together because there's no way for us to win. Even if we do a great job and we nail the content, you might still be upset because you didn’t reach a goal that was impossible to begin with.
3. Is there anyone who should not work with Flow?
Yes, most certainly. Here is a partial list of the types of people who are not a good fit for our process:

1. Influencers. Our process only works for people with subject-matter expertise. Not for visual-only social media.

2. New to your field. If you are new to a field and don't know your topic well, you won't have enough to say. You can have us ghostwrite for you, but you'll need to know enough to guide them on the types of topics you'd like to cover.

3. You aren't sure how content marketing helps you.

Brand Strategy ($10k) Questions

1. What kinds of results can I expect from my Brand Strategy?
Coming up with a standard answer for results is tricky, because results mean different things to different people.

For example, in 2017 we built a brand strategy for an NFL player who was retiring from the league. He needed to be known for more than his abilities on the field so we helped him build his brand strategy, website, content, and marketed his book. He landed speaking engagements, a new career as an on-air broadcaster, and became a bestselling author and attributes his life after the NFL to Flow’s processes.

On the other hand, for some people, increasing the size and number of deals are more important. Typically, we see people using their Brand Strategy as the foundation for their marketing. They then add a website and content and use social media content to engage their personal networks to stay top of mind, while expanding their reach to new people.
2. How long does the Brand Strategy process take?
We typically plan the project to be completed in 2-4 weeks. We’ll review the project plan with you during the Kickstart call and depending on your availability and ability to turn around feedback, we’ll adjust the timeline accordingly.
3. How much time should I expect to spend on this?
You should plan on attending 3 meetings that last an hour each, and be available to provide edits and feedback on drafts and deliverables. Our goal in the Brand Strategy process is to get to know you deeply so that in the future, anyone who works on your brand doesn’t require your time.

Brand Website ($9k) Questions

1. Do I need a personal website or can I use a company website?
That’s tricky because it depends on whether you’re interested in promoting more ideas than your business.

If you are building your personal brand so that you have the ability to build an audience personally, connect with them, launch new products and services, and promote your causes, then having a personal brand website is vital.

If you’re creating a personal brand to benefit your company and if you’re comfortable tying your brand to your company’s brand, then you do not need to create a separate website.

We’ll figure out what strategy makes the most sense for you, and then we’ll build the appropriate website from there.
2. Can Flow build my company’s website too?
Yes, we’re happy to work with the organizations that our personal brand clients are involved with.

We’ll go through the same process but will focus on the corporate identity, website, and content.

We’ve worked with 100+ corporate brands and you can see our work here.
3. How long does the Brand Website process take?
We typically plan the project to be completed in 4-6 weeks. We’ll review the project plan with you during the Kickstart call and depending on your availability and ability to turn around feedback, we’ll adjust the timeline accordingly.
4. How much time should I expect to spend on this?
You should plan on attending 3 meetings that last an hour each and be available to provide edits and feedback on drafts and deliverables. Our goal in the Brand Website process is leverage your Brand Platform while also making sure the website copy and designs fit your taste.

Content Studio ($3k/m) Questions

1. Who is the author of the articles: me or my writer?
It’s completely your choice. Typically, when clients are interviewed for an article, the client is either the author and the article is written in the first person, or the writer is the author and the article is written like a press article where you are featured.

For ghostwritten articles, it’s again your choice who the author is for each specific article.

There are times where you might want to be the author of the article and other times where you want to be quoted or featured.

The choice is always yours and is specific to each article.
2. How will my writer be trained?
Each writer is sourced specifically for you and then Flow pays for their 2-week training program. In the training program, the writer will learn about your Brand Platform and Brand Website.

Our operations team creates a knowledge base and a course in our learning management system for your brand so that writers go through a methodical onboarding.

If you have written a book, for example, the writer will read your book to fully understand the concepts you’ve presented, along with your writing style.

Same goes for any blog writing you may have done and social media posts.

By the time your writer first meets with you, they’re 100% up-to-speed on your brand.
3. How much time should I expect to spend on this?
You should plan on attending 1 meeting per week that last 15-30 minutes for your interview and another 15-30 minutes to review and provide final edits on your article and social media posts.

The whole purpose of Flow’s approach is to create… well, flow. That means we put a team around you who take your words and turn them into blog articles, social media posts, and graphics.

Book Marketing ($5k) Questions

1. What kind of results can I expect from Book Marketing?
Talking about results can be tricky because results vary for different people.

For example, if you haven’t launched your book yet and you have a huge network, you’re going to cross 100+ reviews.

We’ve done the Book Marketing process for 2nd edition books and books that were released years ago, and those generated more than double the reviews they had.

Ultimately, the results are going to depend on the strength of your relationships and the ability to ask them politely, with follow-ups, to ensure they deliver what you need with minimal effort.
2. How long does the Book Marketing process take?
We typically like to begin the process 2 months prior to your book launch date. We can make it work with less time, but we need to make sure reviewers have enough time to actually read your book.
3. Can Flow run the Book Marketing process in parallel to my book launch?
Yes, in fact this is a common situation for us. We simply coordinate with you and your publisher so that we are all working on the same dates and they know not to run their book reviewer process for you.

Publishers are happy, in fact, because this will only make their results look better.

General Questions

1. Do you do social media management?
No, social media management is the process of engaging with your audience on social media. This includes liking peoples' content, adding comments, following specific people and pages, and sharing content. Our social media process is part of our Content Studio where we create social media posts for you and distribute them on your platforms. The engagement is up to you.
2. What if I'm not sure what to say, who to talk to, or how to get through to them?
We actually expect this from many of our clients. They have built careers as experts in their field, but they haven't necessarily translated how that works in terms of marketing themselves. That's why we built the Brand Strategy package--to precisely define the answers to those questions before any website or content is made.
3. What if I want to build a personal brand to benefit my company?
This is actually a super common question and more often than not, our clients are funding their personal brands through their businesses. We work with personal brands along with their companies (you can see some here) so we're very experienced in bringing the two worlds together.

For some, figuring out how to build a personal brand while building their business is the trickiest part. If you feel like this, you should tell us. We are experts at helping personal brands understand the challenges and work through them. We take the concerns and challenges of our personal brands very, very seriously, as they are the core to the experience of building a brand.

ROI Questions

1. How long does it take to generate an ROI?
That depends on how you define a return and what investments you make. For some, a return is bringing in new leads to their business. For others, it's being able to transition to a new industry or career. And for others, the return is internal because they simply want to share their knowledge and expertise.
2. How do I make money with my personal brand?
There are many ways to monetize your personal brand. You can use your personal brand to raise your visibility, develop your authority, generate leads for your business, bring you clients, get speaking gigs, sell products, launch businesses, and achieve many other objectives.
3. Do you operate on a pay-for-performance basis? Doesn't that align our incentives?
No, it actually does the exact opposite.

With performance-marketing agencies, their goals become completely fixated on generating leads because that is their only source of revenue.

They can only deliver leads because they don't control your sales process. That isn't always what serves our clients the most. For many personal brands, the goals of working with the right people is important, spreading their message to educate others, building their reputation, and so on. So focusing on generating leads only hurts their brand.

Pricing Questions

Can I scale down Content Studio to twice a month instead of weekly?
Yes, we'll simply charge you half the standard rate. You'd get everything but your quarterly editorical calendars would consist of 6 weeks of content instead of 12.
Is this month-to-month or an annual contract?
All our plans are monthly with no annual contract, plus we stand behind all our services with a 30-day money back guarantee.
Is there an early termination fee?
No, there's no termination fee. We simply ask for a 30-day notice so that we can deploy your writer to a new client or help them transition off.