Books with less than 50 reviews hurt your credibility.

We solve that.

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Book Marketing

Writing a book has become more and more popular. Simply having a book isn’t enough.

Having a book with 100+ reviews is impressive.

Authors and publishers are simply not equipped to get the number of book reviews it takes to build credibility.

Their process is for you to fill out a spreadsheet with your contacts, email them prior to the book launch, and then again when the book launches.

You know how many reviews that yields? A tiny fraction of what you’d expect.

Flow’s Book Review package is hands-down the single greatest ROI for authors.

What’s included in the Book Marketing Package?

After running book marketing campaigns for 100+ authors (including our founder’s), we’ve developed a process that is executionally masterful and delivers results.


  • Instead of asking you to fill out a spreadsheet with your contacts, we get our hands dirty and actually build the list for you.
  • We’ll start with any existing contact lists you have.
  • Then, our proprietary tech stack can mine your email inbox for contacts based on a criteria you set. For example, we can extract all the names and emails of people who you sent an email to over the past 18 months.
  • We’ll export your LinkedIn contacts and will consolidate that with the other lists.
  • From there, we’ll remove all duplicates and will send you a clean list so you can determine who to keep on or remove.
  • We’ll then run your list through our tech stack to check for any emails that are outdated and would bounce. We’ll remove those from the list or highlight them so you can see if you have updated email addresses for those people.


  • We’ll then craft two email campaign sequences: one for a general announcement and a second specifically to drive reviews.
  • Unlike what you would do on your own or what your publisher would do, we’ll create sequences that continue to follow-up and email people in order to receive a reply that confirms they will submit a review for you.
  • We’ll then set up our own email system that will either integrate with your Gmail, Outlook, Exchange, or other email server. We’ll use our email system to create the sequences and use mail merge tags so that each email is personalized and is sent from your inbox, not from an email marketing system.


  • A couple of weeks after most of the reviews have been submitted, our graphics team will create an image that proudly displays your book and the number of Amazon reviews.
  • You should place this image on your website, on social media, and in your media kit to highlight the fact that not only do you have a bestseller, you have an army of fans who have written reviews.

Client Success Story

How Flow Helped an Educator Land Forbes, TV interviews, and Keynote Speaking Engagements

Who You Might Work With

kiana campbell



Kianna sets up your campaigns and ensures they are distributed correctly.

Alan Brown


Ops Manager

Alan oversees the operational execution to ensure results.

Who Should Use Flow’s Content Studio?

Who Should

  • Authors who are publishing a book
  • Authors who have already published a book
  • Authors who need to add credibility to land more speaking gigs
  • Authors who want to differentiate themselves from other authors
  • Authors who are willing to tap their networks to drive book reviews

Who Should Not

  • Authors who are not sure if they want to publish their book
  • Authors who believe the book alone will bring enough credibility to meet their goals
  • Authors who aren’t willing to reach out to their networks and ask for reviews
  • Authors who would rather do it themselves

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of results can I expect from Book Marketing?
Talking about results can be tricky because results vary for different people.

For example, if you haven’t launched your book yet and you have a huge network, you’re going to cross 100+ reviews.

We’ve done the Book Marketing process for 2nd edition books and books that were released years ago, and those generated more than double the reviews they had.

Ultimately, the results are going to depend on the strength of your relationships and the ability to ask them politely, with follow-ups, to ensure they deliver what you need with minimal effort.
2. How long does the Book Marketing process take?
We typically like to begin the process 2 months prior to your book launch date. We can make it work with less time, but we need to make sure reviewers have enough time to actually read your book.
3. Can Flow run the Book Marketing process in parallel to my book launch?
Yes, in fact this is a common situation for us. We simply coordinate with you and your publisher so that we are all working on the same dates and they know not to run their book reviewer process for you.

Publishers are happy, in fact, because this will only make their results look better.