Writing and Marketing Services

We offer four distinct ways to help you on your journey.

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Brand Strategy

Get clear on your message, audience, and visual brand.

For 2 months

$10,000 total

Brand Website

Create an experience that showcases you and your initiatives.

For 2 months

$9,000 total

Content Studio

Turn your words into published articles, social media, and newsletters.


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Book Marketing

Drive book sales and reviews through email and social media campaigns.


Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does Flow do?
Flow helps people become personal brands. We were founded in 2016 by an entrepreneur who built his own personal brand to bring awareness to his businesses and creative projects, and have gone on to help over 100 personal brands which you can see here.
Does Flow work with anyone?
No, we don't just work with anyone. We typically reject about 33% of people who want to work with us. There are two criteria we use to decide which people we'll work with:

1. Does the person have a deep enough expertise and experience to write about it or to guide a ghostwriter? Our process delivers results, but only if the person actually knows what they’re talking about.

2. Does the person have a clear understanding of how content works, and a reasonable expectation for ROI? There must be a clear purpose behind creating content. This is our first step in our qualification process. If the return you're hoping for or expecting isn't realistic, we can't work together because there's no way for us to win. Even if we do a great job and we nail the content, you might still be upset because you didn’t reach a goal that was impossible to begin with.
Is there anyone who should not work with Flow?
Yes, most certainly. Here is a partial list of the types of people who are not a good fit for our process:

1. Influencers. Our process only works for people with subject-matter expertise. Not for visual-only social media.

2. New to your field. If you are new to a field and don't know your topic well, you won't have enough to say. You can have us ghostwrite for you, but you'll need to know enough to guide them on the types of topics you'd like to cover.

3. You aren't sure how content marketing helps you.