Here’s how Flow helped Tasha Jones realize her potential – and take her side hustle to a full-time career within a year.

Her tenacity and dedication helped create vibrant communities that pushed to ensure that the developer’s marketing and communications proved attentive to diverse representation and responsive to equity concerns from marginalized communities.

Some of the most fulfilling careers exist at the nexus of passion and natural talent. Tasha Jones, Founder of LV Jones Consulting, is representative of that notion.

While she planned on using her journalism degree from Drake to become a broadcast journalist, an opportunity to be mentored in branding and marketing presented itself – and young Jones couldn't say no. 

What started as an entry-level marketing position at the real estate investment company Prologis spanned 20 years of working her way to the top as the Senior Director of Marketing for Brookfield Properties Development in Denver, Colorado. 

Before diversity, equity, and inclusion became regular corporate jargon, Jones was using her expert communications skills to voice community concerns and hold developers accountable to their promises. Her tenacity and dedication helped create vibrant communities that pushed to ensure that the developer’s marketing and communications proved attentive to diverse representation and responsive to equity concerns from marginalized communities. 

These cumulative experiences showed Jones that she not only had a love for managing public-private partnerships but that she was good at it

Jones knew several industries could benefit from her super-connecting abilities – but did others?

Eager to help other businesses develop meaningful relationships with their customers via authentic marketing, Jones started her consulting business as a side hustle in January 2021. 

"I knew more people were ready for my perspective and voice, " Jones says. 

After her 2019 conversation with Flow's Founder, Andy Seth, it became clear that she had been so busy doing the work she hadn't spent any time showcasing what she was capable of. This conversation turned the mirror on her – and she knew what she had to do next.

"He helped me stand taller. I couldn't just assume people knew what I did. I had to channel my value and talents into a consulting business, and I would need to kick it into a new gear by making an investment in myself and defining my personal brand," says Jones.

So she went all-in on Flow's branding process.

Jones' first step was to nail down specifics – her assets and the value she brings to teams and organizations. She workshopped this over several meetings with Flow's branding strategists, who helped her specify her business’s core values, purpose, mission, and niche.

"Every time we met, there was a breakthrough. It was like borderline therapy, coaching, business development – the whole thing," she says.

Because Jones was still working full-time when she launched her consulting business, she relied on Flow as an accountability partner and advisory team to keep pushing forward when life got busy. 

She says this "beautifully exhausting process" has been critical to her success because it helped her ditch self-doubt and limiting beliefs and introduced her to asset-based thinking.

"That brand strategy is my due north. It's instilled in me a belief in my own potential," says Jones.

What she needed next was consistent content. 

A natural at both the spoken and written word, Jones thoroughly enjoyed writing blogs. After the murder of George Floyd in 2020, she recalls how cathartic it was to vulnerably share her thoughts with her LinkedIn audience. 

While she still wanted to create and share similar content, launching a business quickly became time-consuming. So she relied on Flow's unique process of turning Zoom interviews into blogs that could be posted on her website and social media.

Flow's writer helps showcase Jones's strengths – how she audits clients' messaging, finds blind spots, connects them with DEI professionals, and ensures their optics match their actions. 

Within a year, Jones took her side hustle to a full-time job.

It didn't take long for Jones's new gig to be noticed. She says within weeks, her LinkedIn posts began receiving increased likes and comments from those excited to see what she would do next and interested to follow her thought leadership. Those likes and comments turned into more business opportunities – and she credits the Flow team for helping her get there.

"Flow helped me make my brand message professionally credible and visually consistent. These folks are experts. To this day, I can't tell you how many times I go back to that freaking brand guidelines document. It’s a guiding tool for my brand and one of my best investments by far."

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