Using the power of Flow’s content services, Dr. Nagrath has helped over 100,000 students learn math

Dr. Aditya Nagrath set out to create a solution that would improve math comprehension in a revolutionary way.

Using the power of Flow’s content services, Dr. Nagrath has helped over 100,000 students learn math

Research shows that four out of five students start kindergarten unprepared for its curriculum. 

That’s 80%.

Even more troubling, students in the lowest income brackets are the furthest behind, with all but the top 20% of earners sending children to school ill-equipped to tackle learning challenges, especially math. 

Missing out on these foundational building blocks has lasting effects on students’ educational careers: less than a quarter of high school seniors are proficient in math. These low scores contribute to high school dropout rates and continue the cycle of poverty, as students are locked out of high-paying math-focused careers. 

Armed with this information and a plan to do something about it, Dr. Aditya Nagrath set out to create a solution that would improve math comprehension in a revolutionary way.

Dr. Nagrath knew high-quality content would change the math narrative.

After graduating with a Ph.D. in mathematics and computer science from the University of Denver, Dr. Nagrath developed multiple software products – eventually leading to the rise of Elephant Learning Academy

Elephant Learning Academy harnesses the latest scientific research in mathematics education to provide students with experiential learning. It is essentially a gamification system – think “Angry Birds” with a higher purpose. 

More than 138,000 students have gone through the academy, learning an average of one and a half years of math in just 30 minutes per week over ten weeks. 

Dr. Nagrath had data on hundreds of thousands of students but needed someone to tell their stories.

While Dr. Nagrath and his team could see that their program was working – they understood there was no better brand ambassador than a student who benefited from Elephant Learning Academy. 

So they recruited Flow to comb through data to showcase that success. Flow’s team of writers put together 80 case studies, including in-depth interviews with parents and video content, serving as third-party verified accounts of Elephant Learning Academy’s effectiveness. 

Flow’s process was to look at the data to identify students who had achieved the promise of learning more than 1 year of math in 3 months and went about contacting the parents to be interviewed. Parents answered basic questions and signed agreements for marketing purposes, and Flow conducted interviews with the parents.

All case studies were anonymized to protect the identity of the children and parents.

Flow offered Dr. Nagrath the expert SEO content he was looking for.

In addition to case studies, Flow’s team has created more than 100 articles (and counting) to help parents guide their children’s math progress. These articles drive SEO and help drive top-of-funnel traffic and middle and bottom-of-funnel conversions. 

And when it comes to SEO, Elephant Learning is going after the whole π. Flow writes mathematician profiles to target the biggest keyword of them all – math. These articles highlight the achievements and contributions of famous mathematicians throughout history and aid in driving up overall page rank for all of Elephant Learning’s content.

Flow’s articles are the key to Elephant Learning’s long-term organic content strategy.

Then Dr. Nagrath turned to Flow to market his book.

Pleased with Flow’s process of turning interviews into articles, Dr. Nagrath decided to commission the team to workshop his book, “Rethinking Math Learning.”  Writers lead carefully guided interviews to build a table of contents, use blog article interviews for the sections and chapters, and delivered a final manuscript.

Flow then went on to market the book – helping the book achieve #1 best seller status and garnering more than 100 reviews.

With Flow’s support, Dr. Nagrath created the content machine he had dreamed of.

He aims to empower students from all walks of life to achieve math literacy. With 1.2 million months of math taught so far, the feedback he receives from relieved parents is the motivation he needs to teach a million more. 

Flow has helped Dr. Nagrath create a content marketing system that works without his handholding. Flow’s ability to tell stories that engage readers is key to Elephant Learning’s success.

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