Ablis Unites Product Lines and Turns Customer Experience Into Profit with Ravience

How a CBD brand infused their customer experience with personable live chat, added operational efficiencies, and unified their brand with Ravience.

Executive Summary

Ablis needed to take their brand and business from startup to growth and chose Flow to help them through the entire customer journey. We helped them:

  • Map the customer journey, refine personas, and deliver a set of brand guidelines
  • Update the copy and design for their website
  • Create blog and social media content to drive more website traffic

About Ablis

Ablis is a team of just-one-more-mile, “never stop or slow down” adventurers—just like you. When they started Ablis, there wasn’t a CBD infusion on the market to support their adventure goals. So they rolled up their sleeves and got to work. The result? A line of functional CBD infusions designed to support your active lifestyle.

Challenges & Objectives

Ablis was in a situation where what they created was good for when they started but wasn’t representative of the brand and customer experience they needed to reach the next level of growth. 

Their team was heavily focused on opening distribution channels and supply chain, and their support needs were growing to a point where they needed dedicated help but the costs of doing so on their own were too high.

In addition, their website was functional but the imagery, copy, and UI/UX needed a complete overhaul to fit where the business had evolved and was heading. And they needed content to attract more organic website visitors.

How Ablis Went from Startup to High-Growth

Ablis hired Flow and needed help on multiple fronts, all with relatively high urgency. The implementation plan was designed to first reduce costs, then generate revenue, and to use that revenue to fund a new website and content.

  • Create brand guidelines to unify the brand and the varying products.
  • Create a content strategy for their blog and social media to drive organic traffic.

Ablis worked with Flow's team to unify around their brand’s evolution. They had created numerous CBD-infused products from flavored sparkling and still waters, concentrates, and topicals. They needed a way to unify those products in a single brand that made sense to their customer and also to evolve their brand’s aesthetics.

Finally, Flow found that the stories from within the team at Ablis were resonating with customers, so Flow created a content strategy that involves interviewing employees and using Ablis’ in-house photography.


Ablis has a cohesive brand that’s reflected brilliantly across their website, social media, and blog content.

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"The leads from online traffic have been converting at a 50% better rate than before we hired Ravience. Much of what we found before was automated, generic, or not HIPAA-compliant. That is, they did not offer patient privacy protections like Ravience."

Hector Thomas

Head of Digital Strategy, Advanced Pain Care

"We’re benefiting from increased retention and higher conversions from customer questions. We are beaming and excited to grow with Ravience."

Chrissy Bellman

Founder, LEVO Oil

"We've enjoyed a multi-year relationship with Ravience. Implementation was so fast and smooth. 97% of new home leads come through Ravience and they reduced our cost by 40%."

Tasha L. Jones

Head of Marketing, Central Park

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