You Have More Influence Than You Think

April 25, 2023

If you’ve hit a wall trying to grow your business, let these inspirational tips get you back on track to cracking your growth strategy.

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September 10, 2019

Your current clients love your brand and rave about your product. Your reputation is on point. You're a small but popular business in your hometown. Growth is around the corner and it’s time to seize your momentum!But even as an expert at what you do... even with proven success in your local sphere of influence... there’s that voice in the back of your mind. You know the one.

Am I as good as my competitors? What makes me so special?Do I even have anything different to say? I’m not sure my marketing is working — or worth it.

If you've hit this wall in your mind, we want to say: First, don’t trip. You'll be OK! Second, your ideas, talents, and services are freaking amazing. Don't doubt yourself!Last, the business growing pains you are experiencing are common but temporary. Don't give up! You have more influence than you think. Take this inspiration to get you back on track to cracking your growth strategy.

Being Yourself Sets You Apart From the Competition

Nobody should put themselves down because they’re unsure what separates them from the sea of competition. You know what is the top-secret, #1 silver bullet to standing apart? Being yourself. What's being "me," you ask? Knowing what you stand for and not being afraid to say it out loud. Following what feels natural and authentic to your brand's voice. Focus on being more like you and doing what's right for your brand instead of looking to your competition. Your neighbor’s strategy most likely won't fit, so you do you and don't let your competition blind your vision.

You Have More Authority Than You Know

You've dedicated time and effort to research, refine, and develop your brand. During that time, you've learned a lot about your services and products. Naturally, you've become an expert in the field.As the founder of your business, you're the head honcho. As a knowledgeable expert, you have more authority than you believe. Want more people to see you as an authority figure? Start sharing your knowledge and solving your readers’ problems. When your experience provides valuable solutions, more people will flock to you because they trust you know what you’re doing.

What You Have to Say Is Valuable to Your Audience

Don't be afraid to hit "publish" or “post” because you're worried your message won't resonate or nobody will hear you. And definitely don’t fall into the worry of “But this has been said a million times!” Your message may have been said by many people, but it hasn’t been said by you.It may sometimes feel as if you are talking into a black hole, but trust us — people see you, hear you, and appreciate your authentic voice. Sometimes all they need is a good conversation starter to get the engagement flowing. Share your message loud and proud, and don't forget to crush that publish button!

Investing In Your Brand Is Never a Waste of Money

It’s a drag to invest in PR, marketing agencies, and online ads for no ROI. It's an inevitable part of business growing pains. However, the money you invest in your business is never a waste. Though the investment may have been a flop, it provides valuable insight into what didn't work. Don't let failure freeze you. Instead, let it guide you to make investments that will spark your growth.Related: It’s Time to Ditch These 8 Myths About Content Marketing

You Can Be Successful With Limited Time and a Small Budget

Creating content does not have to be expensive or time-consuming. In fact, we encourage you to adopt strategies that reduce start-up costs and time investments. You wouldn't walk into a gym and hit the squat rack with 300 pounds, would you?No way! You'll risk injury, and you'll probably never want to lift again. Instead, you should start with the bar, learn proper technique, and build up fundamental strength. It's the same with marketing and expanding your business. If you're drowning in marketing bills or are way behind in content creation, you've probably just bitten off more than you can chew. fIt's OK to scale back your efforts so your lift is easier to manage and your marketing goals are attainable. Blog less so you can stay consistent. Post only to social media accounts where your customers are and ditch those that are draining your time with no return.Remember, baby steps!

You Can Nail Marketing and Grow Your Business

We’ve said it before and we’ll preach it again: Nobody with genuine talent should feel anonymous in their own industry. It’s tough when you feel buried under all the marketing, social media, competition, and growing pains that come with owning your own business. This is organic growth 101 and it isn't easy. But it's so worth the immense pride that comes with reaching the top of your game, where your company is so in demand, you'll need a new strategy to handle all the new inbound leads. Related: The Ultimate Playbook to Scale YourselfBuilding an empire doesn't take a day, and it certainly doesn't take one mind. It takes a tribe dedicated and inspired by your killer ideas and remarkable vision. Here’s our plug: Flow can be your tribe. Since we only work with ideas that we believe in, as a partner in promotion, we'll be truly aligned with your dreams. If you need to vent or talk about your business goals, reach out to us. We're always open ears.

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