How Flow’s Marketing Flywheel Puts You on a Path to ROI

April 25, 2023

Our marketing flywheel helps your centralize your customer experience so you can generate, convert, and nurture happier customers without burning your marketing budget.

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March 3, 2020

Sales funnels are so last year. From here on out, it’s all about the marketing flywheel. If you’ve talked to any marketer, you’ve probably heard them obsess about marketing funnel jargon saying stuff like: “Build a funnel to push your traffic through a measurable set of the processes until they convert.”“Your funnel should build awareness, consideration, then convert.” “Funnels are the foundation of your inbound marketing efforts.”“Without a funnel, your business will die!” Ok, we exaggerated a little bit on that last one, but the point is marketers love to flaunt the funnel and stress its importance. Yes, we all get and know that developing a marketing strategy to push conversions is important. However, with customer experience being one of the biggest brands differentiators, funnels don’t foster post-sales support or satisfaction. Let’s be clear: funnels are not the future of marketing! Funnels just don’t fit customer-centric, personalization tactics because they are fundamentally flawed. A funnel is built for customers to come in one end, then go out the other without considering how to nurture and transform them into brand advocates. Without loyal customers spreading the buzz about your brand, it’s a real struggle to grow and remain relevant. You have to frequently:

  • Extend your network
  • Source new leads
  • Reach out to new customers
  • Target new audiences

For many brands, this process which most of the time constantly churns old customers, is exhausting and debilitating. No doubt, without a system that transforms existing customers into a force to drive new business, your brand risks overspending its marketing budget, lowering ROI, and stunting its growth. As a savvy business leader, we know you like working smart. So you need a marketing system that will constantly generate ongoing leads and puts you on a measurable path to ROI without all the extra time, stress, and costs. Enter Flow’s Flywheel — the marketing strategy that’s designed to work smarter, not harder.

The Fuel in Flow’s Marketing Flywheel

Rather than waste your marketing dollars on attracting customers that will only leave, a flywheel puts your customer at the center of your marketing system. The flywheel focuses on generating and using customer happiness and loyalty to create more brand buzz, referrals, and conversions.The more happy customers in your flywheel, the more energy it builds and the faster it spins, eventually gaining speed to generate new business on its own. Since we’re passionate about building momentum for great brands, here’s how our services — branding, content marketing, and live-chat — work together in a well-oiled flywheel to help you generate, convert, and nurture loyal customers so your brand is on a measurable path towards ROI.


Our branding and content marketing strategies help you stand out from the crowd and connect with your audience. With a comprehensive audience analysis, we help you clarify your message so it lands on the right ears. Then we help you design a blogging strategy to help you build online trust and authority. Together, branding and content help to boost traffic across all your social platforms, nourish organic growth strategies, and develop qualified leads. Related: It’s Time to Ditch These 8 Myths About Content Marketing


To help you convert more of the traffic you’ve paid for into leads, we deploy live chat across your entire site. In a day and age where people need quick responses to their solutions, live chat quickly and effectively helps them. Let’s be real: phone service just isn’t cutting it, and we’ve seen amazing things happen when companies ditch their phone-based customer service. Trust us, you need live chat. First, we build out a comprehensive knowledge base to document the inner workings of your business, then run a series of test chats to ensure your consumers love your support system. After a wide-spread analysis of your chats, we help you create customized proactive chat strategies to boost chat engagement up to 85%. By actively targeting customers and personalizing chats, we guarantee you’ll get a customer-obsessed reputation. Download Your Own Personalized ROI Calculator HereRelated: Everything You Need to Go Live With Live Chat


After a client purchases, we help you nurture your relationship so you can tap into all the amazing value they provide for your brand. Our quarterly content analysis allows you to create content and social media messages that will further help and delight your readers, while our monthly live chat analysis helps you turn raw live chat data into business intelligence so you can execute business strategies that will better serve your consumer with precision.

The Future of Marketing is in The Flywheel

Pour one out for the funnel. It was a good run, but we’re onto the next great thing to help you get on a path to ROI. As competition grows and consumers become more choosy, creating a marketing system that centralizes customer satisfaction is imperative to scale.Many customers ask why we do what we do and how our services work together. Since improving your ROI and bottom line are our top priorities, we’ve created a flywheel of services that work hand in hand to improve your customer experience. Branding, content, and live chat all work together to generate, convert, and nurture so your customers come back time and time again (and tell their friends too). In the end, our flywheel helps you develop your message, convert your traffic, and build brand evangelists that will put you on a measurable path towards ROI. If you’re curious about an individual service or would like to learn more about how you can seamlessly integrate all three, schedule a consult. We’ll assess where you need help and give you a customized plan of action to take your business to the next level.

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