Five things all Scribe authors should do post-launch

April 25, 2023

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September 9, 2022

Publishing a book through Scribe is an investment; that's why authors need to keep the momentum going after their initial book launch. The long game takes discipline, but by implementing these five practices, authors can increase the return on their investment in writing a book.

1. Beef up your Amazon book reviews.

One of the most crucial components of a successful book launch is receiving reviews on Amazon. Reviews play an essential role in a book's search rankings on the platform. The more positive reviews your book has, the more discoverable it will become. Authors should also occasionally solicit new reviews, so their page looks fresh.

Reviews help push sales, sure, but more importantly – they provide social proof that you're a trusted authority on the subject of your book. Authors interested in becoming speakers or podcast hosts need these testimonials to reinforce their position as an expert.

So how many positive reviews is "enough?" Technically, you can never have enough – but authors should strive to have a minimum of 100 reviews on their Amazon page. Getting at least 100 friends, family, and colleagues to actually submit a review is a significant undertaking, to be sure, especially when you have emails and contact information spread across multiple platforms and everyone requires multiple follow-ups.

Flow specializes in deep email list building for this specific purpose. Our proprietary tech stack filters in contacts from existing inboxes, LinkedIn profiles, and other programs to create a robust and clean email list with addresses that won't bounce. We then craft email sequences that automatically follows up with people who confirm they'll submit a review for you until they actually do. These personalized emails come straight from your inbox, not an email marketing system.

Garnering 100+ reviews takes effort, but the right technology can make it turnkey.

various book reviews with The Future of Smart in the center.

2. Keep the launch buzz going.

So you've posted some graphics and posts about your book being available for purchase; now what? With ever-changing social media algorithms and crowded inboxes, keeping the buzz going after an initial announcement is difficult. 

Having a long-term marketing strategy is critical to keeping your book top of mind. This means you should consider having at least a few months' worth of content for your social media pages and email list. Infographics detailing the contents of your book, quote images, and excerpts are all ways you can show your audience how reading your book will benefit them.

Our book launch package includes all of the above, but we also help authors develop a comprehensive content strategy that engages audiences long after the initial book launch. Our content studio is designed for authors who want to continue to write and publish stories in their words and their voice—but don't have the time or interest to type them themselves.

Our content studio comes with a writer specifically sourced for you, so you work with someone who understands your unique point of view. After our team conducts topic and keyword research, you and your writer come up with at least three months of stories at a time that will be turned into content for your social media and email list. 

Posting high-quality content on your public-facing pages signals to your readers and potential clients that you're constantly offering a fresh perspective on pertinent issues related to your book and beyond.

3. Talk about topics outside of your book.

Speaking of beyond…

Most authors have stuff they want to talk about beyond the subject of their book, especially authors who are interested in giving talks at private, exclusive events or on the public stage. Authors should continue to put out original content after their book launch to showcase their versatility and unique perspective. These topics can be related to your book, but they don't have to be. 

So how do you ensure the content you're putting out there has a cohesive feel, especially when your book audience might not be the same audience interested in the other themes you want to discuss on social media? 

This is where having an in-depth branding strategy comes in handy. By branding strategy, we mean one that will represent you as an author and a whole person – one that creates a throughline between all of your business ventures and personal values.

We offer brand strategy exercises that help authors determine who their wider audience is and how to get clear on their messaging so that audience listens. Our proven process ensures that when people see your content, they understand how it all relates – to you, them, and the bigger picture.

4. You need a website that drives results.

Having an online home for your book beyond Amazon is a good idea, simply for SEO's sake. Before you launch your book, you should have a website that illustrates who you are as an author and allows people to buy your book with a link to Amazon.

These functionalities are just the nuts and bolts, though. A Scribe author looking to use their book to bolster other business goals should invest in a more robust website that helps drive revenue, promote causes, and showcases them as a multi-talented entrepreneur. 

Personal brand websites are much different than corporate websites. They build off your brand strategy to create a user experience that showcases the above. Our team is experienced in executing websites that visually represent these initiatives, accompanied by powerful copy that moves people to action. Plus, we host all the blog content from your social media on your website, so you reap the SEO benefits tenfold.

screen grab of Andrea’s Fryrear’s website

5. Get your book in the hands of prospects. 

One major benefit of working with a publishing service is getting a stockpile of books to share with whom you please. While these books are great gifts for family, friends, and coworkers, they can also be used to your advantage in business dealings. 

One of the best ways to set yourself apart from your competitors (in whatever industry you're in) is to hand over your book to a prospect when you walk into a meeting. This is especially powerful if the meeting is related to whatever it is you wrote the book about. Each author should look at their sales process and see what time gifting the book would be the most effective.

The simplest way to automate this process is to get some padded shipping envelopes like these from Amazon and prepay and print labels at Have two or three key phrases you can write on the inside cover of each book so they're ready to go when you have a lead warmed up.

If you're going to invest thousands of dollars into publishing a book, it only makes sense to back it up with a comprehensive strategy that will take your vision and goals the distance. Schedule a consult with one of our brand strategists to determine which processes are right for you.

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